trial balance

What is a Trial Balance?

Double Entry System All accounting is underpinned by a record keeping system known as the double entry system. The double entry system is also known as the duality concept and … Continue Reading



Finally, West Germany’s Destruction is making a dent in the North American market. Thanks to Noise International for providing the band with a solid U.S. contract, allowing metal fans west … Continue Reading


Powermad – The Madness Has Begun

Powermad are this band of fellows from Minneapolis who are blessed in that they’ve very recently seen the release of their first full length LP on Reprise/Warner Bros. Records. They … Continue Reading


Incubus – Cajun Death!

Recently, the metal scene has been growing rapidly, taking itself into the stream of public consciousness, with many bands (who a few years ago would have been termed “underground”) skipping … Continue Reading

what is seo

What Is SEO?

New web users often ask ‘What is SEO?’ It’s a term bandied about in Internet forums, help books and marketing seminars, but for the uninitiated it seems foreign and confusing; … Continue Reading

online business

Starting An Online Business

Making a website is a surprisingly easy process, and for small business owners, operating an online business can be the easiest and most inexpensive way to expand a market. Using … Continue Reading

web consulting

Web Consulting

A website may be defined as a collection of web pages, images, texts and videos that are hosted on one or more web servers, usually accessible by browsers via the … Continue Reading