Custom build software

Custom Build Software Vs Canned One

With the percentage of non-cash reward elements trending up in almost every corporate total reward portfolio, some firms are examining the feasibility of a custom build software (for communications, reporting and … Continue Reading

Employee appreciation words

Employee Appreciation Words that Motivate More Than Cash : Thank you!

If you think a simple thank you has a place in your Total Rewards strategy its time to get real. Let’s get one thing straight, we don’t disagree with the … Continue Reading

Motivating Sales Team

Motivating Sales Team to Achieve More

Getting people to do their best work, even in trying times, is a sales manager’s most pressing challenge. Motivating sales team to work harder is the key point to keep … Continue Reading

Reducing employee turnover

What is the Manager’s Role in Reducing Employee Turnover?

Often overlooked in the equation of reducing employee turnover is the role of the local manager (field, sales, branch etc). Smart companies are doing more to help managers retain, motivate … Continue Reading

Employee participation

How to Enhance Employee Participation in Workplace

In the time when companies try to get their product to as more customers as possible with fewer resources, including employee participation tactic in company development plan brings lots of … Continue Reading

Building Recognition Culture

Building Recognition Culture to Boost Employee Engagement

In recent postings, I’ve discussed the impending challenges of a shrinking labor pool in a knowledge-based economy. Building recognition culture can give your firm a significant competitive advantage. Across the … Continue Reading

Gaining Competitive Advantage

Gaining Competitive Advantage over Competitors

Competitive Advantage. You can’t leaf thru a business magazine or tune into Bloomberg without hearing that phrase over and over. It is, as all the B-B ads will tell us, … Continue Reading

Business Recession

How to Survive Small Business Recession

Are you heading for a business recession? The textbook defines a recession as two consecutive quarters of declining gross national product. However, practical business executives with PNL responsibility may see a … Continue Reading

Hiring the Right Person

Why Hiring the Right Person is Important?

Hiring the right person is said to be one of the critical management decision. Now I have no doubt about it! Not too much time ago I completed a recruiting junket. I came … Continue Reading

Consultative Selling Definition

What is Consultative Selling?

Way back in my selling days, a wise customer once told me that the value in what he buys is in the advice and counsel he gets as he is … Continue Reading