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A website may be defined as a collection of web pages, images, texts and videos that are hosted on one or more web servers, usually accessible by browsers via the Internet. Having a website has now become indispensable for any business. Prospective buyers rely heavily on the web to do their research and if a business does not have web presence, it is bound to lose all the potential website clients.

A purposeful website requires comprehensive planning and expert execution.A web consultancy organization is therefore necessary to assess, design and provide business solutions that will be consistent with the management philosophy of an organization. It is the role of the web consultant to identify and attract target audience, evolve online marketing strategies, do usability testing, provide powerful copywriting, aim at search engine optimization and obtain high rankings.

Benefits of Hiring Website Consultant

Even a well-built website can turn into a poor investment if it does not attract traffic. It is common knowledge that most website visitors use search engines to find out the various products or services. Website consultants know the art of positioning the web pages for maximum visibility among the billions of pages available on the Web. The web consultants know how to produce cost-effective websites and provide appropriate business solutions.

A Web consultant collaborates with the business owner to create a unique strategy to make internet marketing competitive. Depending upon the industry, goals of the business and available resources, a unique marketing strategy is developed to improve sales and produce sustained growth. The web consultants understand the products and services the client offers, the client’s resources, the client’s standing in the market andthe competition scenario while building the website.

Types of website business

  • Transactional e-commerce website is a site meant to buy products online. The sites also provide information to consumers that prefer to purchase their products offline.
  • Services oriented websites provide information to stimulate purchase and build relationships although products are usually not available for purchase online.
  • Brand building websites are designed to support the brand and products are not typically available for online buying. These sites are meant for low-value, high volume ‘fast moving consumer goods’ known as FMCG products.
  • Portal or media website provide information about a range of topics both on the site and through links to other sites. These sites generate revenue from advertisements, commission-based sales, offering customer data lists.
  • Social network website meant for community interactions between different consumers. Typical interactions include posting comments and replies to comments, sending messages and rating content.

Web Consulting Services include web site design, web site usability consulting, web development for ad agencies and PR firms, E-commerce consulting, E-mail marketing and Search Engine Marketing. The question may naturally be asked: how to find aweb consultant? One approach is to look at various websites that are appealing and find out who created them. The Internet certainly has details of several leading web consultants for the intending businessman to choose from.

It is prudent to estimate the expenses for hiring a website consultant. The web consultancy cost may be high for E-commerce sites as it includes merchant accounts, setting up shopping carts, accepting payments via the website, and other maintenance fees.

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