Protect Computer of Spyware

How to Protect Your Computer From Spyware and Adware

Last year over 53 million people had their personal information exposed online somehow. That’s about 20% of the US population. Those numbers look worse when you consider that the majority … Continue Reading

Web Design Mistakes 2016

Web Design Mistakes Do Not Admit in 2016

Websites have been around for years, and it may seem that some mistakes should never repeat again. However, a simple search on Google may reveal dozens of sites that ignore … Continue Reading

Language learning apps

Language Learning Apps for Both iOS and Android Users

Learning a new language gives you the possibility to interact with people from other cultures without any impediments. And this is absolutely great! But registering for language classes requires time … Continue Reading

Slow iPhone

“Slow iPhone” Phenomena Explained

First of all, we would like to welcome you on this blog. We start our series of posts with a entry about iPhone, exactly slow iPhone performance. We’ve all been there … Continue Reading

How Guitars Are Made

“Daddy, where do guitars come from?” Though I’ve been a player for years, I never gave much thought to how guitars were made. This was not the case for Strictly … Continue Reading