Talent Management: HR Role

Talent Management in an Organization

I had the pleasure of listening to Michael Treacy speak recently. The author of Double Digit Growth had some interesting comments about branding and  HR role in talent management and … Continue Reading

Employee engagement

Decoding Employee Engagement

At the recent Motivation Show in Chicago almost every other workshop had the words “ employee engagement” in its title. Why the focus? A higher level of engaged employees is more … Continue Reading

Change Initiative

Change Initiative: Think Twice Before Doing it

While change can involve information technology management, strategic management, and/or business process, almost any change initiative fail to live up to their expectations. According to survey only 15% of the executives polled … Continue Reading

Reward systems

Reward Systems that Increase Work Performance

There is a strong correlation between reward systems and employee behaviors. In this article, we want to address one aspect of this problem, and namely how employee ignition contributes to … Continue Reading

Dashboard design

Key Elements in Dashboard Design

The dashboard is a management application that is largely used in business intelligence. A properly designed dashboard effectively display business data without cluttering it all to gather. But how to … Continue Reading