Zombies Help Cleveland

As I try to recover from the overwhelming but spectacular turnout we had on Saturday, April 25, at our 3rd Annual Zombie Walk, I just want to say thank you to all who came and attended and helped our food drive.

Big thanks to Bill Hinzman, our special guest and the iconic graveyard zombie from the 1968 George Romero classic “Night of the Living Dead.” Hinzman, who at 72 years old, was out there with the makeup melting and taking part in the walk in nearly 90 degree weather. Bill’s a great guy, loves to party with the fans and is now part of our wacky family.

Thanks to Body Anthology Tattoo and Body piercing, the Beck Center and Allied Advertising for the prizes/giveaways and being such great sponsors.

Thanks to our amazing makeup artists and assistants. You guys are the best.

Thanks to Horror of 59 and The Coffin Riders for their great musical sets. There’s nothing like seeing dancing zombies rocking out to some great local music.

Thanks to the 5 o’clock lunch for tolerating us and being such great hosts.

Thanks to anyone who assisted me in putting on this special, unique event. Meghan, Frank, Amanda, Sasha, Krystle, Tommy, Chad, Steveggs, sorry if I forgot any others, you know I truly appreciate your help. I couldn’t have done this without you.Most importantly thanks to all the zombie attendees. We had zombies come to Lakewood from Columbus, Lima, Cincinnati, Toledo, Pittsburgh and many other faraway places.

Because all of you helped repost the info on MySpace and told your friends about it, we had a record 220 zombies (and over 260 people total in attendance). That is double last year’s turnout, which was actually closer to 110. Dare we go for 300 next time?

So many people had a great time and want to do it again that Old School Sinema will now host the Cleveland Charity Zombie Walk twice a year. We’re looking at doing it every April and every September. Keep an eye out for updates on our MySpace page.

I’ll see all of you walking dead soon!

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