What is the Manager’s Role in Reducing Employee Turnover?

Reducing employee turnoverOften overlooked in the equation of reducing employee turnover is the role of the local manager (field, sales, branch etc). Smart companies are doing more to help managers retain, motivate and optimize employee commitment and productivity.

The manager’s role has become increasingly complex of late. Mergers, acquisitions and the resulting downsizing have often led to more people to manage. Factor in changes in product offerings, competitive responses, business regulations and shifting customer expectations it is no wonder that the manager’s ability to nurture, train, and direct those working under him/her are comprised.

These circumstances not only frustrate managers (after all they get paid based on the productivity of reports) but it also leads to lower retention in organisations.  That’s why reducing employee turnover is one of the most challenges every manager are facing all the time.

Why do employees quit?

When employees join a firm they are doing so with expectations in mind that transcend salary. Factors include culture, work environment and chances for education and advancement. When managers become preoccupied and unavailable, employees reconsider their choice.

Often they become disenfranchised with their decision and check out either physically or emotionally. Recent research indicates that 46% of rookie employers will actually leave their company after 18 months. In fact, 53% of managers brought into a company will also leave within the year

Reducing employee turnover through rewarding and recognition

We have seen progressive companies stem that tide by introducing reward and recognition platforms that give managers complete discretion on how to set goals and reward individuals locally. The tool allows managers to better address the nuances of local business performance in support of corporate objectives.

More importantly these solutions fortify the working partnership between managers and employees. Companies that have done so are seeing reductions in attrition, improvements in critical business metrics, and higher levels of employee engagement.

Bottom line

Although reducing employee turnover is a company responsibility, the decisive role of manager can not be denied. Hiring right people, offering flexible schedule, firing the ones who don’t fit, implementation of an employee reward programme are some of the most effective ways to keep workers from quitting.  More than this, a strong motivation for manager to keep together all these people will undoubtedly help in reducing employee turnover.

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