Obesity Prevention Tips for the Whole Family

Obesity prevention tips Nowadays it’s become more and more difficult to keep weight under control. The evidence of this is that over 1 in 3 Americans are obese and end up suffering of diseases like diabetes 2, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Talking about obesity prevention tips is more than necessary so that people know how not to get to that stage of overweighting.

Did you know that annual medical expenses of obesity were $147 billion in 2008 U.S. dollars? Treatment costs of obese people were $1,429 higher than normal weighted individuals. Yes, this is a BIG problem and every one of us has to change bad habits and live a healthy lifestyle.

Turn yourself into thin person with the help of these obesity prevention tips:

Stop “Dieting”

Remember how many diets you have followed just to cease them after a couple of weeks and return to your old habits? The idea is that every time you set up yourself for a diet, nor that you will lose weight, but you will gain even more.

Forget about “Fat-free”

Are you still looking for fat-free products when making your weekly shopping? Wrong! Not fat makes you fat. It’s a very important component in your nutrition, helping to absorb and move A, D, E, K vitamins through the bloodstream.


Exercise to lose weightHave this word in front of your eyes all the time, because it’s tremendously important for your health. You can consider it as one of the top 3 obesity prevention tips you have to follow.

Move around, whether walking to your job office or going to a supermarket. Forget about your car! Yahoo Health or Bodybuilding.com are great sources of information on how to lose weight and start building muscle. More than this, detailed info on various vitamins and  other supplements are provided.  Take a minute and check them out.

Eat food slowly

How long it takes you to eat your lunch or dinner? Are you enjoying it or in about 10 minutes you are already back to work or in front of your TV? Take a look on thin people to observe how long it takes for them to eat their meals.

The truth is that eating slower makes you full faster. Not only gut has to be full, but also brain need to receive satiety signals in order for you to stop eating. By chewing more people have enough time to feel satiety and pleasure from eating.

Eat more proteinProtein weight loss

Our body needs protein to build muscle mass.  Our bodies burn more calories to process protein than carbs, hence including more protein in your diet speed up metabolism and help you lose weight.

Studies have proven that individuals who eat moderate amounts of protein have lost weight faster than those who preferred more carbs.

Two Last Obesity Prevention Tips

Don’t watch TV

Excluding TV from daily routine is one of obesity prevention tips people usually ignore. How watching TV makes me fat? By eating more and sitting for long hours. No need to mention what kind of food we prefer when watching a favorite show or movie – unhealthy snacks that contain amazing amounts of calories.

Television Watching and “Sit Time” was found by Harvard School of Public Health as one of most important causes of obesity. Nearly 30 percentage of adults who watch TV for more than 4 hours have a BMI of 30 or higher. See the entire study here.

Plan ahead your meals

Plan ahead meals If you are about to restrict fast-food consumption and take control over your calories intake, then you need to plan ahead your meals.

Know exactly what you will eat on every day of the week and include snacks here too.

A normal diet plan includes 3 basic meals and up to 4 snacks. All type of nuts and fruits are great snacks ideas.

Our list of obesity prevention tips ends here because the simpler we keep it, the easier it will be to start implementing it. If you manage to change your bad habits and include these ones, then you are already on the right path. Don’t take it as a periodical change, instead make it your lifestyle!

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