Nine on 9 with Elevator Death Squad

1. What does your name represent?
It kinda started as a joke, but it comes from Pablo Escobar, the drug cartel lord, who had a group of assassins that had done a bunch of hits in elevators. So they ended up being coined as Escobar’s Elevator Death Squad.

2. Spread the Plague?
We call our area, Binghamton/Endicott, N.Y., the plague. It’s kinda in reference to us, too. We’re from the plague, therefore, we are the plague, and by listening to us, you’re spreading the plague.

3. Piercings, tattoos or both/ Why?
Nothing’s sexier than a chick with her nipples pierced!

4. Liquor or beer?
I’m more of a beer man myself, but I drink Jager like it’s water, especially Jager bombs. And I’ll have the occasional 7 and 7 or shot of Wild Turkey.

5. Chicks: heavy metal rockers or porn stars?
All of the above.

6. Question from EDS Monkey: Why does Neil “suck” so much?
Because he can only be verbally abused, other than that he’d rip me limb from limb.

7. What’s a kick ass after gig EDS party like?
Pot, porn and alcohol…and poop.

8. Who’s really the wild man of the bunch? Why?
Fiocco sober, T drunk and Neil inebriated. Mike (Fiocco) is always a crazy fuck with no self control, T gets drunk and his penis takes control and Neil gets drunk and turns into a Viking that turns into Hulk Hogan and loses all control.

9. or your local FM station? Why?
Toxiktunes for putting us in steady rotation and playing awesome metal, but we can’t forget our local station WKGB who has helped our career immensely, and all the metal playing FM stations for keeping it out there and keeping it alive. Though, they seem to be pretty rare now.

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