National GoSkateboarding Day

GO Skateboarding DayCOLLECTIVE skate/art/snow is pleased to be sponsoring a local event that coincides with an international activity, Go Skateboarding Day, on Thursday, June 21st! All day skateboarders will be out enjoying the the official first day of summer: sunshine, fresh air, and skateboarding. We will be supporting this international day with freebies galore, including a FREE SHOW at The Auricle with local rising stars First & Thorne, Clevelands best unsigned band – NIGHTS, and The Perfect Gentlemen. While the show is free, COLLECTIVE will be operating a donation booth for the ‘Friends of Jackson Parks’, all monies being donated to finishing the skatepark in Jackson Township.

Sponsors locally are Jackson Eyecare, COLLECTIVE skate/art/snow, the Auricle, WolfFight Clothing, and Monster, as well as some of the biggest national brands in skateboarding.

Our hope is to drive awareness of participation levels, of the need for skateboarding facilities as part of Northeast Ohio’s move towards sustainable communities, and that it is an activity that is now enjoyed by fathers, sons, and daughters. Sorry, moms still don’t like being on wheels.

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