Why Hiring the Right Person is Important?

Hiring the Right PersonHiring the right person is said to be one of the critical management decision. Now I have no doubt about it!

Not too much time ago I completed a recruiting junket. I came across dozens of energetic and promising college candidates who are eager to make their mark. I was thoroughly impressed with the skills, passion and professionalism being demonstrated by the younger—yet to fully emerge—workforce.

And while all the candidates I interviewed showed personal potential, what was most promising (at least to me anyway) was their collective understanding of “fit” as being a mutually critical decisive factor.

Imagine the implications of that for a second. “Fit” has always been a critical issue in evaluating prospective new employees. Key issues to examine are whether a candidate’s skills, personality, and work style are a good blend with an organization’s culture.

Listen closely and you will hear the tables turning. This new generation is actually challenging potential employers to prove that they are the best fit for them.

Hiring the right person tricks

Worthy of what you may ask? Their passion, drive and attention for starters. This young crowd is engaged right out of the box and is eager to align themselves with a firm that shares their passion and personality.

This new generation is not a 9 to 5 crowd!

They fully expect to “live” their jobs. They want to make sure you are the one that’s committed to success and are willing to empower them and everyone else in the enterprise to get there.

Hiring the right person among them should be not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. This is because they seem to be in search of an experience—a world that’s as fun as it is challenging. They are on the lookout for a fair and trusting work environment.

And above all they want work that’s interesting and to them that means having the latitude to put their own personal stamp on your brand.

Getting the right person on the bus

Jim Collins talked about “getting the right people on the bus” in his best seller Good to Great. This next generation gets that concept and sees “fit” as a common imperative. The key to fueling the successful growth strategy of any organization has always been in selecting the right people. Now candidates are as keen on selecting the right company.

If your recognition strategies promote the type of environment that works for the next generation of leaders than good for you. If not then don’t expect the bus to stop in your neighborhood anytime soon.

Bottom line

Hiring the right person is like getting the right pills when having headaches. You need to get it quickly, with no rights to be wrong. The more your recruitment strategy meets the new generation expectations, the greater chances to come in the end with valuable employees.

What’s your strategy for hiring the right person? Do you agree with what we said about new generation?

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