Employee Appreciation Words that Motivate More Than Cash : Thank you!

Employee appreciation words If you think a simple thank you has a place in your Total Rewards strategy its time to get real. Let’s get one thing straight, we don’t disagree with the thought. We applaud the concept and think people should say ‘thank you’ more often (the same by the way can be said of ‘please’ and ‘excuse me’). We just think that ‘thank you(s)’ like any other corporate asset can be better managed to empower these employee appreciation words with to show more recognition than even money.

Your best managers are by no means, bad people. In fact, good managers usually have high emotional IQs. They are sensitive, empathetic and don’t intentionally forget their manners. But like any other over-worked, hyper-active, multi-tasking executive they can often forget to show their appreciation in meaningful ways. The simple ‘thank you’ has a lousy track record for on-time delivery.

Platforms that help managers publicly acknowledge desired behavior and promote “best practices” while also creating role models improve on the simple ‘thank you’ don’t you think? Automation will never replace the human touch. It can, however, make a simple ‘thank you’ more meaningful and, as a result, more valuable to everyone involved.

Dole out employee appreciation words constantly

Relying on a simple ‘thank you’ is not naive. Expecting ‘thank you(s)’ to be offered in a timely and consistent manner may be however. There are effective ways to supplement the verbal ‘thank you’. We see more and more companies giving managers small discretionary budgets that are passed on to employees in the form of animated e-thank you messages with links to point totals. Colleagues are usually copied in. Not only does the tool make the ‘thank you’ process more effective and efficient it also gives management a mechanism to track and diagnosis ‘thank you’ activity.


Businesses are different, but when it comes to rewarding workers and motivating them then the simple use of employee appreciation words such as thank you’s delivered constantly and on time have a huge impact. As studies have shown, people are looking for recognition more than money, so make sure your manager is delivering that message for every task ( minor or major) that has been completed with success. Showing recognition doesn’t cost you money! It free, always at your disposal and help to create a friendly environment in your company. Conquering new heights in these conditions is just a matter of time.

What the most powerful and results driven employee appreciation words you are using in your business? Do they work or do you still think that money is the best reward?

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