4 Quick Tips For an Effective Workplace Communication

Effective Workplace Communication

How much you know about effective workplace communication and what you do create a pleasing environment in your company? We know the key to happy employees is communication, that’s why put together some of the best advices any HR manager have to stick with.

Communication is important, but personalized even better

Jack Welch says HR must also help organizations maintain their relationships with employee stakeholders. This quote brings to my mind the importance of personalized communication within reward and recognition programs. More and more we see smart companies employ a direct marketing mentality and avoid mass-messaging their employee audiences. These firms have learned how to converse with different employee groups effectively and as a result their messages are acted upon.

What do I mean? Following a segmented campaign formulated award propositions are generally geared to an employee’s relevant place within the organization.

Here is a simple framework to start with for an effective workplace communication:

  1. Show off your top performers. Give them the recognition they crave while using their stories to promote best practices and localized leadership across the organization.
  2. Grow rising stars. Give them manageable goals and expand the hurdles as each is reached. This is the best way to gain momentum that leads to the type of reliable incremental growth you can build your business case on.
  3. Teach those with identifiable performance gaps. Isolate where they are lacking and reward them for completing steps that will lead to success. Examples could include; becoming recertified in a particular product line, passing a refresher customer satisfaction training course, or submitting a business or territory plan.
  4. Reach underperformers. These are the folks who showed promise once and for one reason or another have become disengaged and ineffective. Re-recruit these people through communication components that stress their importance to all stakeholders; the firm, its customers and their colleagues. Ask them to nominate others that they consider successful. You will be surprised how that small step can create a renewed awareness and help reverse a pessimistic mindset.

Using database mobility mapping, messages are created, managed and delivered via the web. As employee attributes or business conditions change so can your message and reward scenarios.  If you want a much more relevant and self-sustaining way to capture the attention and guide the behaviors and attitudes of all your employees try this approach.

Instead of conclusion, we give you this piece of advice: Go beyond maintaining a relationship – shape it instead! Nothing works better for an effective communication at the workplace. Believe us!

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