Earthlings?: “Humalien”

Treasure Craft Records

Indie Rock

E.T. watch out! They have made contact. They are Earthlings? They have come in communal peace with a new EP, “Humalien.” This sub-specie, derived from gnarly stone-aged queens of death metal have been transmitting from a western desert oasis since the birth of alternative. Welcome. Sit down and enjoy some “Tea Glitter” and let the communications commence.

1. The language of muffled marching drums and sexy slithering guitars set the pace of this conversational craziness. “My brain’s a water salad, slipping and sliding, left and right.” Handclapping and subversive chanting are part of the ritual. Was that a horn at the conclusion?

2. Technology is a tool. With Atari-attacking lasers firing and lo-fi machine drumming, “666er” will have you spinning in a backward-bouncing spiral of spatial organs. Watch out for the flying monkeys serenading. “Ah ooh, hey, yaya.”

3. Wake up! It’s a sleepy garbage day morning. The monotone pulsing of “Disposable Brain” sends you off into a serene daydream of fuzzy organs and floating layered lyrics. Throw away your name. Recycle. Let the day start anew.

4. Is anybody out there? Yes, there it is. From the hills of La Mancha, “Unicorns” will tak you diving into an extraterrestrial vacuum. “Let’s hear it for the unicorns!” If you are one of the Earthlings who have been curiously contacted, please seek professional help.

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