The Said So play no-frills punk rock that’s comes crashing straight ahead like a runaway semi, and those expecting anything else from their latest release “Too Punk For Practice” would be fools.

On the new disc, the band sticks to what’s worked for them in the past, mainly Stooges-style punkmixed with a heavy influence of ’70s heavy rock. Big guitars thunder through the pounding bass lines and quick drum beats as the singer shambles through numbers about booze, sleazy women and just all-around debauchery.

For those who haven’t seen them in person, this disc serves as a good precursor of what to expect from these primeval rock beasts, whose record was put out in collaboration with Loserheart Records and Canton Records.

The record has a number of outstanding tracks, but none stand out quite as much as the album closer “Slick,” which crunches and pounds through a grimy tale as the singer’s gruff vocals bring to mind a accent-free Lemmy. As the songs picks up, the guitars wail around, then suddenly pause, leading to a vocal and bass breakdown that shows the band’s ability to conceptualize familiar ideas into novel arrangements.

This record is a definite must for anyone who’s a fan of sleazy rock with the balls-out punk attitude to tell it straight, with all the warts, scars and ugly bits that come along with a life lived in a savage and unforgiving world. Definitely not for a quiet Sunday afternoon, but a guaranteed party-starter for those preceding Saturday nights of ill-repute.

You can pick this slick little gem up at the Buzzbin Art & Music Shop in downtown Canton, and don’t forget to check out the band live at Old Haunts in Akron on May 25 with the Most Beautiful Losers. They’re also playing June 2 at Akron’s Annabell’s with The Giggitys.

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