Building Recognition Culture to Boost Employee Engagement

Building Recognition CultureIn recent postings, I’ve discussed the impending challenges of a shrinking labor pool in a knowledge-based economy. Building recognition culture can give your firm a significant competitive advantage. Across the enterprise, executives are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent power of recognition levels to build and sustain a culture of commitment and responsibility.

That means making positive reinforcement a way of life. It requires cultivation, delivery and consistency in application. Often internal tools and developed or platforms licensed from vendors. But recognition planners can get easily frustrated when platforms are underutilized by internal stakeholders.

Go ahead with building recognition culture using recognition tools 

Fear not. Implementing recognition tools are not unlike installing any other change process. Users (including your middle manager constituency) may adopt a “wait and see” posture. During the reality stages they will look for signals that the company is serious about rewarding employees. They will privately wonder if their managements interest in recognition will come and go like some other corporate initiatives.

Contemporary diagnostic and tracking mechanisms can help plan sponsors isolate early adopters from laggards and varying/relevant messages can be sent to each. Those using the program should be congratulated for their efforts. Incremental improvements in key measures can be used to illustrate success reinforcing the behavior. Those who are not yet using the tool for building recognition culture will be encouraged by the success of their colleagues.

Use recognition to drive more results

Often people are placed in positions of power because they are good at what they do, but some have little idea how to leverage recognition as a growth tool. And, as we know, being recognized as a leader among peers is often as effective as a tangible award.

Give your managers examples of how their peers are using recognition to drive results locally and you will be taking a giant first step to building a sustainable culture of recognition across the enterprise.

What’s your thoughts on building recognition culture? Does it help to increase employee engagement? Don’t keep your opinions for yourself, share them in the comments below!

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