a Dope Trailer is No Place For a Kitty

The Trailer Park Boys are back on tour, bringing the new stage show to Cleveland.

For those not familiar with the program, Trailer Park Boys was a mockumentary that premiered in 1999 in which a camera crew follows white-trash, trailer park-dwelling Canadians who partake in various flavors of illegal activities. The program ran up north for seven seasons and spawned two feature-length films and international tours.

If this piques your interest, you can check them all out on Netflix. Besides being real gem of a program, it also serves as a quick course on Canadian culture. For instance, did you know Canadians love smoking pot, barbecuing and drinking? They also enjoy gunfights, not working, titty clubs and drinking.

They also look just like Americans except with really goofy haircuts. That’s Canada, folks.

The new tour will feature the three main characters from the show played by the original actors, because let’s face it: acting is a little bit different than playing bass for Metallica. Not just any dick with the right haircut can do it.

Reviews of the show give more mixed signals than that drunk broad down at the ol’ Triple Nickel last weekend, so it’s hard to say what to expect. Regardless, it will likely have some drinking, pot-smoking and a whole lot of cursing and non-sequiturs — basically, all the things you need to have a halfway decent time.

The Trailer Pack Boys Drunk, High and Unemployed Tour will be rolling into Cleveland on May 17 at Playhouse Square.

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